Recent History

Recent History

This photo is of recent history; in North Road on the right, the long building with the tiled roof was demolished and houses were built on the site. believed to have been a blacksmiths shop, then a warehouse, finally it was owned by Espiners.
Image courtesy Eric Johnson.

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  • John Aitken

    My Grandmother, Cony Wilkin (nee Gott), used to take me to Espiner’s “Pop” factory where soft drinks were made. It was run by a lady, looking quite French to a 6 year old boy who wore a scarf and seemed to get along very well with my Grandmother. I got a bottle of pop off the bottling line sometimes if I was lucky. It was a dark and noisy place, but sooo many bottles of pop. Something I was not typically allowed to have. That would have been 1970/71.

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