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Prior Pursglove

Are you on this photograph loaned to us, by Elizabeth Mellor? If so can you give us some names and a date would be good. Joan Jemson advises: “Some of the names are: Andrew Welford, David Barnes, Rex Poulson, Giles Burton, Martin Jones, Steven Benner, ? Swales, Christine Joanes, Mark ?, Gillian Pierson, Timothy Hall.” However can anybody assist in their placings in this image?

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Steve Hunt, David Barnes, Andrew Welford.

Front row: Steven Benner, Christine Joanes, Mark Penty (tutor), Gillian Pierson, ??.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Joan Jemson, Alan Moss, Andy Coward and Janis BonnerĀ  for the updates on names.

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