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Moorsholm Hotel

Moorsholm Hotel

This grand building at Moorsholm, in a sad condition, was intended to be a hotel, part of the proposed station buildings on Paddy Waddles Railway. Which would run from Kilton Junction to Glaisdale, relics of this incomplete line can still be traced along the route. Ann Jackson tells us: ”The house was owned by the Marsay family. My great grandad James Jackson was a stone mason and worked on Paddy Waddells Railway.”
Image courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Ann for that update..

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  • Ann Jackson

    The house was owned by the Marsay family. My great grandad James Jackson was a stone mason and worked on Paddy Waddells Railway.

  • Lois Johnson

    Apologies, as this question is not related to the photograph, although it is to Moorsholm. My great grandfather, Daniel Johnson, lived in ‘Johnson’s Terrace’ in Moorsholm – that’s how I read the 1901 census handwriting. Can anyone tell me where this is? Is it what I see referred to as ‘Johnson’s Square’, which I believe is up the High Street on the right?
    Many thanks for any help anyone can give

    • Pat

      I’ve just had a look at the full census records for 1911. Although most people have put Johnson’s Terrace on their entry, the next page which is ‘postal address’ is High Street. So, my great great grandparents are at 19 Johnson Tce (Dale) and 23 (Hodgson) but on the postal address they’ve said 19 and 23 High Street. 23 seems to be next to the church. Looking on street view there are houses back from the road near the church but whether they are the same ones I don’t know.
      (I realise you probably found this out years ago as your original enquiry was 2013!)

  • Ann Jackson

    Hi I used to live in Moorsholm. Johnson’s Square is on the right at the bottom of the village just after a set of farm troughs called Moorsholm Docks. Johnson’s Square was built by David Johnson and his family. My great Aunt Margaret Ellen nee Jackson Married David Johnson jnr.

    • Sara Johnson

      Hello Ann,
      My name is Sara Johnson and I believe we share distant family. Your great Aunt Margaret Ellen Jackson married my great great Uncle David Johnson. Not exactly blood relation I know but I am intrigued by anything you know about the Johnsons and Jacksons of Moorsholm. Was your Margaret Ellen related to the Moorsholm Jacksons? Davids brother Adamson and father David senior are my direct ancestors who I believe built Johnson square in Moorsholm along with David junior. Adamsons son James Johnson (my great grandfather) married Elizabeth Jackson of Moorsolm where they lived. There were many of the Jackson and Johnson family in this area so if there is anything you could tell me about them I would be very grateful. Thank you very much in anticipation. Sara Johnson

  • Pat

    Found this thread while looking for Johnson Terrace. My great great grandparents (John and Margaret Dale) lived at 19 for 50+ years until c1932 when my great great grandfather died. I remember being told about ‘Moorsholm docks’ as a child and my great grandmother (Ada Dale, nee Hodgson) has a very elaborate cross in the churchyard.

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