Liverton Falls

Liverton Falls

I can’t place these falls, can anyone tell us anything about them, please?

J Wilson answers our question with: ”Liverton falls are in what we used to call “Shaws Banks”. They are about 1/4 mile upstream from Liverton mill.Permission to visit them should be sought from the mill owners, as the falls are on their land.My brother and his friends used to climb the falls (during the summer when there was much less water cascading down them.)”

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris and thanks to J Wilson for the update.

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  • Ann Jackson

    We called the road Mill Bank when I lived at Moorsholm. Mr Shaw used to ride his horse and cart up the bank in a zig zag as it was so steep. The road is very narrow now due to the land slides on Liverton side. We used to go that way to school at Loftus .

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