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Miss Manship and her Class

Miss Manship and her Class

Was this Photo taken 1955 or 1956? I am sure you can tell me and many thanks for the help with the missing names.

L to R Back Row:- David Rudsdale, David Craggs, Gordon Cannon, Peter Lillie (lillybomb), ??, William Liddle, Ian Goodwill.

L to R Middle Row:- Billy Douthwaite, Geoff Robinson, Ray Brown, Brian Parker, Melvyn Cook, Eric Trembath, Keith Galilee, Keith Tilburn, Desmond Hodgson, Raymond Binks, Robert Watson, John Sawdon, ??, Graham George.

L to R Front Row:- Michael Robinson, Peggy Teble, Marion Hicks, Christine Lindsey, Maureen Simpson, Susan Laverick, Miss Manship, Margaret Maudsley, Brenda Cook, Janet Shaw, Marian Smith, Ann Ramsey, Pauline Bibby.

Oh if I could only meet up with a few of the young rascals from this picture I’m sure that between us we could complete this puzzle!

Thanks David, Ray, Melvyn, Eric Trembath and Derek Miller for the names.

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