A brief history of the banner, after the unfurling ceremony the banner disappeared around 12 years later, and was lost until in 1950, it was discovered at the Kings Head hotel Grangetown, furled and lying in its dust covered box, in a sad state of decay. Sent to Middlesbrough office and then to union H.Q. in London in 1971. Proving too large for the union museum it returned to its box.
The Banner consists of a sheet of silk on both sides of which are painted various scenes in oils.Over the years the panels cracked and the oils attacked the silk. the decision was made to send it to the TEXTILE CONSERVATION CENTRE at HAMPTON COURT PALACE. were it was restored over seven months in 1989.
collection of eric johnson.

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  • John Thomas

    The Cleveland District of the Associated Iron and Steel Workers Banner, the gentleman seated a member of the Northern Conciliation Board was my Great Great Grandfather Edward Thomas.

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