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Loftus – Zetland Road

Loftus - Zetland Road

Frederick W. Bothroyd – Watchmaker and Jeweller – 5 Zetland Road, Loftus is listed in the 1901 Census, but not in 1891. Jayne tells us: ”The image is of Frederick William Bothroyd standing proudly in his shop. His brother Herbert Bothroyd shared the premises and operated a cycle shop, hence the tires in the front window. F.W. Bothroyd set up his watchmaking/jewellery business at Loftus in c1890 on the High Street. He moved premises to Zetland Road by 1894, first at 27 Zetland Road and then at 5 Zetland Road until 1914.” This image possibly dates from the mid 1890’s. This is based upon records which indicate he married in 1892 and by 1901 had three children, the eldest being Richard 6 years of age. The site is now occupied by a cafe and amusement arcade. Interesting that the next door way to the right of the image leads to ”refreshment rooms”.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council and many thanks to Jayne for the update.

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  • Barrie Durrent

    I have a 20 inch wall clock made by F W Bothroyd. It was given to me , over 40 years ago, by an old resident of Loftus , Wilf Swales, who died many years ago. I was told that the clock once hung in Loftus Town Hall and was scraped as it no longer worked. I cleaned it found out what the problem was and had it repaired by a friend from the British Museum. I have recently had the clock cleaned and the repairer asked me if I knew anything of the clocks history and a Google search led me to your wonderful archive. My wife was born in Loftus and I have some beautiful memories of Yorkshire and my son spent most of his school holidays with his Grandparents at Ings Farm. So my clock is a great reminder of those wonderful times. Is it possible to by a copy of the picture of F W Bothroyds shop as it is something I have been searching for many years.

    Best wishes,
    Barrie Durrent

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