Staithes Viaduct once more

Staithes Viaduct once more

Train bound for Whitby, non corridor stock, Engine possible Ex L.N.E.R. Thompson L1 class,? help needed on identification. five coaches were normal in summer, reduced to two or three for winter service. date mid 1950s.
Image courtesy Maurice Grayson.

A photograph of Staithes Viaduct, taken from the landward side, I think, showing a 5 coach train travelling towards Whitby, headed by a large tank engine (possibly an A8 (4-6-2T) or maybe a BR Standard tank (2-6-4T) – or even a Thompson L1 tank (2-6-4T) – thanks to Mark Thompson).

What a remarkably scenic railway this was – nowadays it would be the ideal candidate for preservation – and we cannot blame Dr Beeching for the closure of the line. As Andrew Hogan tells us: ”This line closed in 1958, Dr. Beeching did not come to power until 1962 and therefore had nothing to do with its closure.” Thanks to Mark for that update.

Russ Pigott tells us: ”The loco is a class L1 2-6-4t and the photo was taken after 1956 as it has the later BR crest,maybe even closure day as there seems to be a lot of people (enthusiasts?) stood up and looking out of the coach windows.” Thanks to Russ for that update.

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