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Carlin How Methodists

Carlin How Methodists

Five pounds raised by each child, that would be hard work when this photo was taken, well done to them. The caption tells us some of the names but not where they are seated can anyone help us out with the names?

Back row:? Hume, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Middle row: ??, Barbar Annis, Alan Young, ??, ?? , ??, Stuart Stonehouse, Shirley Webster.
Front row: Christopher Ward, ??, Tony Nicholson, Christopher Ward, ??, Les Harker.
Thanks to Derick Pearson and Tony Nicholson for names to date, also to Jan Dunning for the update.

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  • Jan Dunning

    Christopher and John Ward are my 2nd cousins and I am trying to contact Christopher as our American cousin is planning to come over next year and her grandparents met and kept in contact with the Reed and Ward family after visiting in 1959.So if by any chance you know either of the brothers please reply.

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