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Lingdale "Bottom End"

Lingdale “Bottom End”

Oldham Street, Moorcock Row and the Victoria Inn are shown on this photograph, of course the shale heap is very visible, all long gone now, although the name Moorcock Row remains – attached to the new houses built on the old site.  What  date was it taken – does anyone know?

Paula Miller has advised: ”This photograph was taken by the Evening Gazette”.
Many thanks to Paula for the update.

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  • Derek Dobson

    Looking out of our front window as a child I would see the full size heap for years, lived in Prospect Terrace. I’m 62; spent many a summers day, me and Paul Tyrka sat waving at the training jets buzzing us. There were that many fossils, collecting them was never an option. Great things to climb, some parts almost solid other paths constantly crumbling as you climb. I’d be seeing heap this size in 1960. Great place to sit look down on the whole village. Taking in the distant view leading to the moors.

  • Derek Dobson

    There was constant rivalry between bottom-enders and top-enders; so fought each other for entertainment, but all together when defending ourselves.

  • Judith Green nee Taylor

    I was born at 35 Oldham Street, my grandmother’s house, and spent most of my childhood playing in the streets there. My cousins, the Beckley family lived at no.15. I took piano lessons with a lady at no . 17 but cannot remember her name. I remember the pit disaster and my cousin Louis Booth was killed in a motor bike accident in 1955. All the residents supported each other in those sad times A great community.

  • paula miller

    This photo was taken by the evening gazette they have a copy of it and it was in the paper im sure they will tell you

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