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Furnace Cottages

Furnace Cottages

No need to wonder how this row  and the one next to it got their name seeing the close proximity of the furnaces. We have the following reminiscences of this terrace; John Winspear tells us: ”I remember them well I used to walk past these houses every working day from September 1955 till January 1964, on my way to work in the the fitting shop which was situated on the land immediately behind and to left of the two rows of houses. I also delivered sunday papers there for five years. A wonderful group of people who had little in the way of materialistic value but were generous to a fault. I recall the names of only a few the Garbutts, the Parrishs, the Summers; I went to school with sons and daughters of them all. Doris Summers worked in the drawing office as a tracer,  her dad Charlie was the trainer for the works junior football team. Salt of the earth.” Derick Pearson also says: ” I also remember the McGuires, the Swales, the Whartons, the Smithies, the Pearsons and others.”

Thanks to John Winspear and Derick for these memories.

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  • Sue Doig (nee Kennedy)

    In 1911, my grandfather, Patrick Kennedy who worked in Skinningrove Main, and his wife Mary and son John lived at 3 Back Row, Furnace Cottages with the owner, Mark Ford and his family. I’m researching my family tree so any further pictures and/or information would be most welcome.

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