Skelton - Cross Green & Duke William Early 1900's

Skelton – Cross Green & Duke William Early 1900′s

An interesting view of Skelton Cross Green, without the small park and War Memorial now situated beside the modern day traffic lights.

Interestingly the large double-fronted shop stood until the end of the last century, it is remembered (by Roger Barwick) as ”West End Corn Store”, when demolition created the space we now see next to the Duke William pub!

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  • Roger Barwick

    I can remember going in the shop shown it was called “West End Corn Store” and was a general dealers. I don’t really remember who owned or ran the shop.


  • When I was a child it was run by Mrs Moreland, a widow from Warcop. She had a daughter Angela and son Hebron who lived, I think, in Australia. Also living at the shop was Mrs Moreland ‘s unmarried sister Daisy. This was in the 1959s / early 1960s.

  • Bryan Young

    Ailsa, Is Roderick your brother? We used to buy “cannon” bangers and go down the fields. Past crow wood and light them in cow pats!
    I always thought that a fire caused the demolition of the store.

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