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Carlin How Square 1905

Carlin How Square (1905)

This was the year that Albert Einstein published all of his famous works on relativity and also the year that the title of Prime Minister was created – the band appear to be practicing, as there are not many onlookers. Derick Pearson has put these photos of parades in Carlin How Square in order for us and this is what he says about the one above. ”c1905… notice the white pit chimney in between the houses down the road on the way out of the square to Loftus.  Note also on the front fence of Front street (not the dividing ones), behind the band to the left.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson for the update and the image, which is a Richlou postcard.

2 comments to Carlin How Square (1905)

  • Derick Pearson

    This photo shows the altered brickwork on the first Websters Barbers shop next to the Skinningrove Amicable Society. This tells us that the shop was altered very early on. The other Richlue image has questions about this alteration. As for the Band, it may well have been just a practice march as there are not many folks about.

  • Derek Dobson

    I lived in cottage far left for a while till they built a road over it.

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