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Carlin How Junior School C1955

Carlin How Junior School C1955

Not the clearest of school photos, we have with assistance filled in most names, but can anybody help with the few left to identify?

Back row: Terry Webb, John Ward, Stuart Stonehouse, Jeff Wicks, Alan Saunby, Brian Harcourt, Chris Stone, Lesley Harker, Keith Peirson, Wilfred Bartram, Ken Thompson?, Robert Jackson.
Middle row: Brian Goldby, Malcolm Boddy, Susan Atkinson, Peter ?, ??, Kathleen Danby, Lynn Pinkney, Jean Wilson, John Robinson, Keith Ward, Alan Young, Keith Libby, John Doe.
Front row: Jennifer Carveth, Rosemary Ford, Elaine Batchelor, Valerie Bartram, Carol Bray, ??, Patricia Coles, Ann Berry, Barbara Bunny.
Thanks to Derick Pearson, Robert Doe, Pat Coles (via Chris Stone), Valerie Bartram, John Ward and Margaret Russell (nee Ford) for names to date, particularly Margaret for confirming the date.

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  • Derick Pearson

    Back row ?, ?, 3rd from Left, Stuart Stonehouse, Jeff Wicks, ?, ?, ?, Les Harker, Kieth Peirson, ?, Mike Hudson, Robert Jackson.
    Middle row, Left to right, Brian Goldy, Malcolm Body, ?, Barbara Collinson, ?, ?, Lynn Pinkney, ?, Geoff Robinson maybe, ?, Norman Myers, Kieth (Ben) Libby, Doe.
    Front row Left to right ?, ?, ?, ? Bray possibly, ?, Patricia Coles, Ann berry, Barbara Bunny.

  • Bob

    Front row 3rd from left, Elaine Batchelor, married Chris Stone and now with Charlie Ward i believe.

    Rear row 7th from left is Chris stone, see above.

    Rear row 5th from left possibly Brian Wilkinson

  • Bob

    The boys on the right hand side of the middle row I think should be John Robinson (Geoff was a bit younger), Geoff Ward (recently died), Norman Myers, Keith(Ben)Libbey, and John Doe

    6th from left on back row is Brian Harcourt

  • Derick Pearson

    Thanks Robert,
    You are right about John Robinson, as you say Geoff was younger. Also knew it was one of your brothers on the middle row but could not think of his Christian name. Agree on Chris Stone and Elaine as well. Sorry to hear about Geoff Ward. Norman Myers has sadly gone not too long ago, as has Anne Berry some years before. Good to hear their names mentioned again. Fond memories of by gone days.

  • Chris Stone

    The following is the class list as remembered by Pat Coles whose memory is far better than mine.
    Back row: ?, John Ward, Stewart Stonehouse, Jeff Wicks, Alan Saundby, Brian Harcourt, Chris Stone, Lesley Harker, Keith Pearson, Wilfred Bartram, Ken Tompson(?), ?.
    Middle row: Brian Goldby, Malcolm Boddy, Susan & Peter (Brother & Sister?), ?, Kathleen Danby, Lynne Pinkney, Jean Wilson, John Robinson, David Williams, Alan Young, Keith Libby, John Doe.
    Front Row: Jennifer Carveth(?), Rosemary Ford, Elaine Batchelor, ?, Carol Bray, ?, Pat Coles, Ann Berry, Barbara Bunny.

  • bartram valerie

    I went to Carlin How School 1954 and I believe I am on the front row (in the middle). Also in the picture is my cousin Wilfred Bartram who went to live in Queensland, we lived in Rawlinson Street then.Does anyone out there remember me or have memories of Usan Fox?


    (1st on left back row)Geoffrey Webb

  • Bob

    How about Terry not Geoffrey Webb for 1st on left back row

  • Margaret Russell (Nee Ford)

    The photo of class of 1954 middle row 4th from left – missing name Susan Atkinson – they emigrated to Australia in about 1960. Her brother was Leslie.

    • Susan Brown nee Atkinson

      Hi, I’m Susan Atkinson; from the class of 1954, you’re right Margaret Russell we emigrated to Australia in 1960. Are you Rosemary’s younger sister?

  • Stephen Thornton

    I think the name of Norman Myers may be wrong. I think it is Alan Young. Norman and I were friends, the same age and year at school, born 1951. I was saddened to read from Derick that Norman had died. I remember another friend from that time John Pearson, any relation Derick?

  • Alan Pearson

    There were I think 4 unrelated Pearson families in Carlin How at the time. John is my older brother. We lived in Grosvenor Terrace. He now lives near Marple in Cheshire

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