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Air Raid Wardens 1939

Air Raid Wardens 1939

It all has a bit of an air of Dad’s Army about it, and these guys and gals might have got everybody’s backs up with their ”put that light out”, but they did a sterling job of work all the same – and I seem to remember they were always last to the shelters.

Can anybody put any names to the faces?

Seated middle of second row Ivy Bassendale and is that her husband standing behind her?

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  • Mr John Michael Watson

    Middle row, second left is my Aunt Alice Watson, fourth left is my Aunt Annie Watson. They had three other sisters, Gladys (the eldest). Ethel and Bessie. They had a younger brother, my Father John Henry Carlton Watson, khadnown simply as Harry. Aunt Gladys, Annie and Alice had a cake and bread shop in the main street, Alice always did the iceing on the cakes! I have a photo of the shop on my computer but I don`t know how to send it! Hope this is of interest.

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