Loftus County Modern (1964 - 2nd Year)

Loftus Secondary Modern School (1964 – 2nd Year)

Back Row: Derek Hampton, Stewart Atkinson, Michael Martin, Richard Martin, Gordon Cook, Rob Middleton, Barry Scollett, Stewart Moss, Eric Cowen, Les Greening, Stewart Mussett, Brian Dixon.

Middle Row: Denise Steyart, Pat Jobling, Susan Main, Sonya Codling, Val Pickering, Bruce Kennedy, John Whitwell, Stewart Camarami, Anne Laity, Cath Dale, Brian Cornforth, Mary Mackinder.

Front Row: Jill Peirson, Susan Sparrow, Audrey Turner, Elizabeth Wildmore, Brenda Maudsley, Mr Maurice Stephenson, Sandra Reed, Margaret Masta, Marianne Hodgson, Maureen Scott, Jennifer Mildon.

2 comments to Loftus Secondary Modern School (1964 – 2nd Year)

  • debbie garbutt

    My mam is Mary Mackinder in the middle row

  • Jenny Turner

    I am Jenny Turner ( nee Mildon ) I am front row end. I think this is 1:1 first year as we all started in September 1963 and our first form tutor was Mr Stephenson. He was also our English teacher too. A great memory and every pupil name known.

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