Calm Sea

Calm Sea

A lovely view of the cliffs and the sea, there is Hummersea bay, Skinningrove and Cattersty, the jetty can be clearly seen and the  smoke tells us  where the ironstone works are.  Hummersea Farm can also be seen, as can the shine of ”snilah ponds” in the centre of the image. ”Snilah ponds” are believed to have been the settling ponds for Hummersea Alum works.

Thanks to Eric Johnson for the update.

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  • s welford


    Im sure that the pool of water you can see on the cliff top is Snarlers ponds now filled in

  • eric johnson

    “snilah” ponds were originally two ponds, i was told they were the settling ponds for hummersea alum works. i remember them as home to a colony of great crested newts, dragonflies, and other aquatic wildlife. surrounded by purple spotted orchids. the site was used for filling in with industrial waste. many years later walking past the site i observed a black oily substance oozing from the area. a sad end. (and i don’t belong to the green party!)

  • Heather Bann

    I also have a postcard pic taken approx. same time though the tide is out, position almost exact. My grandmother Annie Hammond nee Burns of Fylingdales, had sent it to my grandad just prior to their wedding in 1914. She has marked the house which can just be seen cut off a bit, left edge as her half sister’s house, Lucy (nee Burns) and George Wren. She has also marked the farm further up and just below the ‘smoke’ from the works as “where my uncle lives” I do not know is this an uncle on the Burns side or her mother’s side the Wedgwood’s? Would love to know.

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