Carlin How Gala

Carlin How Gala

A fancy dress parade to celebrate Carlin How Club Golden Jubilee in 1962, viewing the bottom of the Club steps.

Alan Pearson can identify the gentleman in the flat cap at the back as Claude Tremain. Whilst Derick Pearson can identify Mrs Annie Cook (centre in white), to her left is her grandson Gordon Cook; and Mary Cox (Nellist) sitting to her left. We can also identify the lady in the rear of the image (in head scarf) as Olive Cocks.

Can anybody assist with other names?

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, update thanks to Alan Pearson, Derick Pearson, Inga Cook, Graham Chapman and our keen viewer for updates.

3 comments to Carlin How Gala

  • Alan Pearson

    Carlin How Club golden jubilee, so 1962

    I will know many of the people but don’t remember the faces, except Claude Tremain, in flat cap at the back

  • Derick Pearson

    This too is the same day as the Lank Lightfoot and Blackmen photo. This one is situated at the bottom of the workingmans club steps. If one looks at the background you can see the wood gates to the old 1950s coal depot and further back the Mine Arch shed.

    Agree with Alan, Claud Tremain definite. Possibly Mrs Cook center in white and Mary Cox (Nellist)sitting to her left.

  • Graham Chapman

    Mrs Cook is Annie Cook – I knew her as my Aunt Annie – and she was sister to twins Nora and Nellie (my grandmother who lived on Gladstone Street all her life and wife of Oliver Padgett) and 13 other siblings. Annie’s family used to have (probably as tenants) ‘The Dolphin’ in Robin Hoods Bay and Mrs Cook’s father ran a cart back and forth along the coast to transport people and goods.

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