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Skinningrove Seniors

Skinningrove Seniors

We think it was about 1952 when this photograph was taken.
Back row L to R:- Joe England, Brian Yeoman,Brian Jemson, Raymond Hicks, Richard Matthews, Laurence Smith, Billy Hughes.
Third row:- Ann Seymour, Betty Pinkney, Eunice McLean, ??, Joy Auckland, Jean Mellor, Sheila Partlett, IslaRobinson, Lillian Wood.
Second  row:- Ivy Metcalf, Pamela Smith, Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, Joan Pearson, ??, Margaret Bowers, Betty Winspear, Audrey Cornforth, Pauline Campbell.
Front row:- Derick Smith, ??, Norman Trattles, Peter Libby, Billy Pearson, and Eric Rowe.
Apologies for any names incorrectly spelt and do you know any of the missing names?
Image courtesy of Eric Husband and Eric Rowe, also thanks to Phil Ransome and Ann Robinson for the updates.

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