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Loftus tug of war team May 1981 at the King George playing field Guisborough.

Team from left to right: John Garner, Joe Cook, ??, Rob Spoor, ??, Leo Bowman, Dave Harris, ??.

Thanks to Terry Clarke for the names to date, can you name any of remaining members?

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  • terry clarke

    well if my memoery severs me correct from front to back man at the front dont no the second man dave harris from liverton mines thrd man leo bowman fourth man not none fifth man rob spoor from saltburn number six man not none number seven joe cook and the last man the anker man john garner big of part of people would no him as gong who four of this team is still pulling after all these years and thay are as follows

    mr joe cook. mr dave harris. mr robert spoor. and mr john garner

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