Marske Hall

Marske Hall

A different photo as this is the first one we have of Marske Hall what a beautiful building. Thanks go to Joyce Dobson for sharing that photo with us.

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  • Nigel Anderson

    I attended Marske Hall as a border in the early 1950’s. It was always freezing!!! Punishment for being naughty was to sit cross legged on the stone flag hall floor for an hour! Difficult to move afterwards as frozen to the floor!

  • Margarete Petrie

    I was a pupil in 1955 to 1959 when it closed down, the school dinners were awful cooked by the headmasters wife Mrs Hoggard, the head used to walk round whacking a cane on his leg. Be in the wrong place and it was a whack across the palm of your hand, some of the boys it was on their bottom., but the strange thing was I have a lot of fun memories too and after more than 65 years I still know some of the girls I went to school with even though I left the area 57 years ago.
    Grete Rigg as was.

  • Linda Thompson

    I remember you well – my name is Linda Thompson formerly Haley. I can remember visiting your house in the town of Redcar. I would love to hear from you.

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