Cleveland Street

Cleveland Street

This newspaper report of building destruction caused by mine subsidence shows the interior of a house in Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines. Destroyed by the look of it and yet the houses still stand today. Now am I right in saying that or were there two rows to Cleveland Street one of them being demolished? HELP

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  • Stuart Wise

    I knew a Mr and Mrs Goodman who lived in Cleveland Terrace in Liverton Mines. Mr Goodman`s right hand was a hook, of endless fascination to a young child. My grandfather, a shot firer, lived at the end of Cleveland Terrace. Blown up in the mines, he lived to tell the tale, spending months in Skinningrove cottage hospital. Blamed for accident `cos he lit a cigarette on a box of dynamite whilst descending in the cage. And the stories I can tell of my uncle Aaron, also a miner in Liverton mines and a spiritualist. He would see things like dead miners or elves and converse with little men dressed in purple who would visit him in UpLeatham church. Passionate about nature. I owe so much to my mining heritage

  • Danny Plews

    I was Born in Number 25, Cleveland Street on the 9th of February, 1941, Moving once within the village until I enlisted in the Army (Royal Artillery) in 1960.

    Fond memories!

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