Bus Crash

Bus Crash

Thanks to Howard Wilson for this photo of a bus that crashed through the bridge at the bottom of Loftus Bank.  The same bus is featured in another image.

Howard’s grandfather worked for Garbutt Bros  and may have been called out to the rescue.

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  • Craig colledge

    I think that you will find that this was my Grandads bus, George Colledge. I have various photos at different angles of the accident blown up in frames on the wall. As I remember being told as a youngster it was at the bottom of Brotton. Grandad always said he has never seen so much raw eggs, live chickens and other animals thrown a cross the inside of a bus. (In them days you would take anything on board to market). The reason for the accident was that the steering failed. Or that is what he told me.

    • Craig colledge

      The poster on the near side window which isn’t very clear was promoting Hinderwell Cinama. Grandad had the contract from Guisborough to Hinderwell at the time.

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