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Windmill at Ugthorpe

Windmill at Ugthorpe

Yes I know it’s quite a way from Loftus but who could resist a lovely photo of the windmill at Ugthorpe, pictured in 1954 minus the canvas sails. A sight sadly missed today.
(photo courtesy of Joyce Appleton)

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  • I know Ugthorpe well , although I am not from these parts. When I was stationed at RAF Goldsborough we had to do a Church run. When I was duty driver I had to take two runs to the two churches at Ugthorpe; one C of E and the other RC opposite each other. Then wait until the service was over and then bring the Officers or others back to the camp. Just along side Goldsborough camp we had married quarters. It was a devil in heavy rain getting to Ugthorpe as we had to venture across a ford!! Would love to know where the windmill was indeed situated. Happy days. I always said I would get married at Ugthorpe C of E, but was posted so did not happen 1961/2/3. How I would love to relive them with such infectious beautiful coastline one does not have to go to church to experience a taste of heaven..wonderful site thank you….. Geoffrey Ex RAF Goldsborough..

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