On the Beach

Owen sent us this set of photographs of people from New Skelton.  He guesses that they were taken in the late 1920s to mid 1930s, and were linked to the Methodist Chapel that stood below William Street.  He believes that the photographs were taken on outings, probably organised by Miss Tippett who was a stalwart of the chapel.  He recognises a few people from his Sunday School days, but they were much younger when these pictures were taken.  He went to school with some of their children. Owen also advises us: ”Mrs Codling was born Mary Cook and married Thomas (Tom) Codling from 12 Dixon Street, Lingdale; they lived in Charlotte Street, New Skelton. I remember there were three children, Patricia, Irene and Brian.” Irene Walker advises us that: ”Behind Mrs Rooks is Amy Grout (nee Cook); behind her is her sister Maud Myers nee Cook. Amy Grout is still alive.”

This happy group are pictured on a Redcar beach.

Back row:  Miss Tippett, ??, ??, Mrs.Speck, Mrs.Yates, Mrs.Fowler

Middle row:  Amy Cook, Maud Cook, ??, ??, Mrs.Ethel Green, Mrs. Mary Codling

Front row:  Ellen Rooks, ??, ??, ??, ??

Image courtesy of Own Rooks, thanks to Irene Walker (nee Codling) and M. Fowler for the updates.

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