Cottage Hospital Brotton

Cottage Hospital Brotton

Built in 1874 by Bell Brothers local mine owners as the Miner’s Hospital; according to Bulmer’s Directory in 1889: the hospital had accommodation for 17 patients and Bulmer’s records: ”During the last year 75 persons received the benefit of the institution. It is under the care of the Sisters of the Holy Rood from North Ormesby.” The building has now converted into houses.

Photograph courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

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  • Allison bates

    We have been going through my father-in-law’s possessions and have come across a silver tea set in the name of Sister Arabella, 25 years of service by the workmen at Brotton. Carlin How, Huntcliff, Kilton, Lumpsey and North Skelton mines. Brotton cottage hospital April 1901. Would really appreciate it if you could find any other information on her, she is obviously a distant relative. Thank you, Allison and David Bates.

  • Colin

    Sister Arabella (Arabella Bates)in 1901 census she is the matron aged 63 living at Brotton hospital, born in Lancashire in 1838. In 1911 she is 73 single, living at 15 Upleatham St Saltburn. Date of death 1924 aged 86 registered in Stokesley

  • Nigel Anderson

    Had my tonsils out here in 1950! Six of us in one dorm for same operation. All frightened of the rumours of “black sick” (sorry!!!). Kind staff

  • Allison bates

    Does anyone know where Sister Arabella Bates is buried? She was the matron of the Brotton hospital in 1911. Stokesley is the place of registration of her death.

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