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Rosecroft Students, c.1989

Rosecroft Students, c.1987

Mrs. Unthank’s group pictured in front of the school, about 1979 – 80 .

Back row: Roy Fishlock, David Stephenson, Lee Gatenby, ??, Helen Beauchamp, Caroline Carlin.

Middle row: ??, Sharon Oglesby, Lisa Scaife, Joanne Starsmore, Louise Tilburn, David Courtney, Steven Hicks, Richard Cowie, Nick Parker, Lee Matthews.

Front row: David Vidler, Darren Patton, ??, Glenda Cook, Christine Marshal, Debbie Calvert, ??.

Do you recognise anyone?

Thanks to Mrs. R. Unthank for the photo and information, also Stu, Susan Skelton, Francis Smith, Kelly Hicks, Pauline Magor and Eileen Wood for other updates.

15 comments to Rosecroft Students, 1979 – 80

  • Adam Cuthbert

    I think this will be about 1987. This year was a year or 2 older than me and i left in 1989.

  • stu

    Could not be any later than 1984 , As some in the photo left school in 1984

  • Adam Cuthbert

    Do you think its is a mixed year ?? Im recognising some but not others.

  • stu

    It would have been Mrs Unthank’s form class

  • stu

    back row left roy fishlock (left in 1984) 3rd left lee gatenby (left in 1985)

    middle row 2nd left Sharon Oglesby (left in 1984),6th david courtney ? (left in 1985), 10th lee matthews (left in 1985)

    front row 2nd left darren patton (left in 1988)

  • Susan Skelton

    Sharon Oglesby is second from left from Liverton Mines. Class of ’84. I think you will get a lot more information if you ask the “I went to Rosecroft” group there are regular reunions for this year, so you will see how all these people look now! Also look at “Skinningrove Bonfire” website there is a link to Ian MacDonald who was the art teacher of this period. Also sadly you will see that Rosecroft has now been demolished, though they tried to save some of the mosaic, re-situated in Skinningrove.

  • mark o

    lee g left in 85 . he was in my year. lee m left 86 he’s my cousin .1 year younger than me.

  • Sharon Oglesby

    I left in 1984 and haven’t changed a bit lol, lovely to see Jill Hodgson and Cheryl Stevenson who also left in 1984, it was a mixed form class so some will have left later. It’s still a bit of a shock when I visit the inlaws in Rosecroft Avenue and the old school is totally demolished. What a shame, end of an era!!

  • kelly hicks

    the boy stood next to david courtney is steven hicks, my husband . the lad next to him is richard cowie. also the 2 girls on the same room are lisa scaife and joane starsmore

  • Vanessa Adams

    I moved to Loftus in second year of Rosecroft with my brothers Jimmy and George and little brother Robert. My mam and dad had the White Horse on Loftus High Street …..I have so so much wanted to get back in touch with everyone ….I can see Joanne starsmore and Lisa scaife I would very much like to get in touch with Caroline Teasdale if anyone can help xxx omg blast from past hope everyone is well x

  • Nick Parker

    i think i might be the 2nd from the right on the middle row. not sure though???/

  • Vanessa Adams

    Does anybody know where Caroline Teasdale is now or have any contact numbers

  • Pauline Magor

    The lad with the glasses at the back is David Stephenson

  • Vanessa Adams

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Caroline Teasdale ??

  • This was before 1981 as Debbie Calvert a year above me and I left in 1981 so this had to be 1979-1980

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