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1. 'The Boulby Flyer'

1. 'The Boulby Flyer'

Sandra tells us that Brian took this photo of the train crossing the bridge below Carlin How, and the next photo, from their bedroom window on St. Hilda’s Terrace. The train is ’The Boulby Flyer’ on the first excursion of four organised by Saltburn Line Users Group on Sunday August 13th 1995. The locomotive was a Class 47773 ’Reservist’.

Thanks to Sandra Hutchinson for the photograph and additional information courtesy of ’Saltburn-By-The-Sea Revisited’.

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  • Callum Duff

    Victorian Week at Saltburn finished in 1994. If this is 1995 then it is a special excursion organised independently. Two trips were organised to Boulby as part of Saltburn’s celebrations. The first, in 1986 only went as far as Carlin How (although they didn’t tell us that until we got to Crag Hall, thanks Langbaurgh Borough Council)! The second in 1991 did travel the whole length and was on a beautiful day.

  • Russ Pigott

    If I remember correctly the victorian week specials were class 143 units and not loco hauled like this train.

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