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Redcar Pier

Redcar Pier

A lovely shot of the front at Redcar in the 1930s, showing the pier, I remember going dancing there but there was no pier left then.

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  • Derick Pearson

    This is Redcar in the 1930s I Purchased and reproduced this image as a 10 x 8 inch print. I cloned certain areas of the beach where there were blemishes.

    When viewed at full screen size in high resolution, the scene has such detail in it. The white building just past the pier on the left is the Pastime Amusement center on the promenade. A 1930s Bus with Canvass opening roof and spare wheel on the side wheel arch just entering the town high street from Redcar lane…..Various old cars abound and one on the Prom just after a motor cycle and sidecar….. The Pier in it’s fullness, although all of it is not in the shot…..The small walled flower beds all along the prom…..The Underground Toilets are not there……The Circular Platform is on the right….plus many beach huts and boats on the beach…..The Shops at the town end of Coatham road are bustling with at least 10 sun canopies visible. Seems it was more busy there than the high street at that time……There are allotments between Coatham road and Kirkleatham street, can’t see the Cricket Pitch….The Old Station is visible as is the church tower beyond Blenheim Terrace….The railway line is visible right out to Warrenby area and under Kirkleatham lane bridge…. The Warrenby Hotel is visible in the distance as is the old Steel Plant and Mills at Warrenby with the road to South Gare and a smoke filled skyline…. The old small cottages are still there opposite the pier…but lots of the seafront shops are not there anymore. The Golf Links and Majouba Beach Caravan site are not even there….Lots and Lots of historical detail in this image of nearly 80 years ago.

  • A Etherington

    We used to go to the truncated pier in the early ’60s to dance the night away to Danny Mitchell’s orchestra. He had a large black alsation that was seen around town with him. I saw him in the Post Office and he asked for a dog licence (takes you back, eh?) and the counter clerk said, “Well that depends.” Danny smacked the counter and said “Hup!” and the dog leapt up to put his paws and face on the counter. “Yes, that’s fine,” said the assistant and proceeded with the licensing.

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