Loftus County Modern Class 2.1

Loftus County Modern Class 2.1

I’m in awe of Barbara’s ability to name everyone in this class photograph:

Back Row (from left):- Ernest Kitchener, Ian Harrison, David Smithies, Geoffrey Simpson, Leonard Marsay, Howard Jackson, Leonard Gittins, Martin Green, David Wright, Alan Harper, Jimmy Smithies, Geoffrey Goldby.

Middle Row:- Peter Collinson, Keith Danby, Danny McVay, Jean Liddell, Susan Lindsey, Jennifer Green, Pat Nicholson, Derek Doe, George Smith, Richard Nicholson.

Front Row:- Susan Sherwood, Doreen Crooks, Marlene Robson, Barbara Jefferson, Margaret Robinson, Mrs. R. Unthank, Sandra Flockton, Elizabeth Wright, Emeline Jackson, Barbara Chester, Carol Baldwin.

(Image courtesy of Barbara McBurney)

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