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Guisborough Grammar School - 3

Guisborough Grammar School - 3

This is the right hand section of the photograph.  It looks like the sixth form, or prefects are sitting alongside the staff on the second row.
Back row: John Barber, David Rickaby, Mac Elvidge, Stuart Fletcher, Norman Patton, Mike Kirby, Peter Thompson, Dick Peacock, Fred Brown, Harry Clayton, ??, Brian Johnson, Geoff Kitchen, ?Hamilton.
Row four: Neil Walton,C Storye, John Marley, Russell Dermont, Daryl Buttery, Brian Pette, Peter Reddick, G Calvert, Keith Butcher, Derek Arden, B(Tommy)Westacott, Robert Page, David Kehoe, Bill Danby, ??, Martin Watson.
Row three: Les Gorman, John Dunn, Tony Bennett, John Pattison, Brian Foster, Francis Dadd, Michael Grant, David Hoare, Chris Merrill, Ronnie Johnson, Paul Lloyd, Tim Brooks, Joe Butler.
Row two: Mr R K Ormandy, John Snowdon, T Mackenzie, Jim Wilson, Graham Ditchburn, ??, Alan Legg, Peter Leonard, Geoffrey Leonard,John Ion, Jake Jowett, Terry Armin, ??.
Front row: Andrew Barker, Tom Blenkinsop, John White, David Presley, Walter Butcher, Paul Whitefoot, A Marsay, Jack Bullen, Robert Bradley, Anthony Myers, Nigel Anderson, Donald Marr, Ian Mackenzie. Do you recognise anyone?

(Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards, thanks to Owen Rooks, Jayne Kennedy, Norman Patton, John McLean, David Hore, Bob Ruddock, Ken Fawcett, Lee Easom, Peter Thompson, Ian Wood and David Presley for names to date. Copyright – Panora Ltd., London)

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  • David Pressley

    I am fourth from left front row on 1956 school picture 3. Obviously not memorable!!
    Parents moved to Saltburn that year and I went on to Coatham Grammar (Sir William Turner’s).
    Recognised some of these chaps.Wondering where they are now and what they’ve been up to.

  • Nigel Anderson

    And I’m front row third from right!
    Started GGS in 1955 and left 1960 when I moved to Sussex
    Currently in Suffolk retired!
    Plenty of good memories here!

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