Loftus Outing

Loftus Outing

A nice photograph of a group gathering; in 1910 in the Market Place, Loftus. However I know for certain that there are at least 5 people from Carlin How on the photo, so it may have been a mixed Chapel or church outing.

Back row: Leslie Nicholson (magistrate), Fred Nicholson, ??, G. T. Goodwill.

Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Mrs Goodwill,??,Margaret Elizabeth Hall (nee Ord), ??, Charles Hall.

Second row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Clara Nicholson (nee Hall), ??, ??, ??.

Front row: Lesley Nicholson

Three of the young women are my great aunts; Mary Suckling (Murray), Hannah Suckling and Lydia Suckling (nee Donnelly) and possibly my grandad Andrew Suckling.

Image and names courtesy of a CD compiled by Derick Pearson; thanks to Neil Suckling and George Tremain for the updates on this photograph

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  • Neil Suckling

    Hello, i know 3 of the young women are my great aunts ,Mary Suckling (Murray) ,Hannah Suckling & Lydia Suckling (Donnely),and possibly my grandad,Andrew Suckling. I have loads more info and photos,if anyones interested.Neil Suckling

  • The man first on the right is Charles Hall of Front Street, Carlin How.His wife Margaret Elizabeth Ord is 3rd from the left on the same row. Second from the left on the back row is fred Nicholson and his wife Clara (Hall) Nicholson is fourth from the right on the second row.Their son Lesley is first on the left on the front row.

  • Tony Nicholson

    Yes, Fred Nicholson is on the back row at the far left, with a large white hat.

  • Rita Jury

    Hi I’m interested in the name- nee Donnely – could the spelling have changed my mother was Donnelly of Coronation Street born in 1922 – my grandmothers maiden name was Astle.
    Regards Rita Jury.

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