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Staithes Lane Shop

Staithes Lane Shop

Mr. Conn’s grandmother, Grace Conn, is pictured on the steps of her small shop at 13, Lane End, Staithes.

(Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn)

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  • Clayton Husband

    My grandfather’s British passport from 1923 indicates his place of residence to be 13 Lane End, Staithes, at the time he emigrated to the United States. Is there a residence portion of this structure? I do not have any details other than the address and do not know where this building would have been located in the current layout of the town. I may have a photo of my great-grandfather at the same address. Reply messages are welcome. -Clayton Husband, Arlington, Texas USA

  • Maggie

    I am currently doing some research on Staithes Village and looking at the houses today I wonder actually if the lady – Grace Conn – in the photo is at 23 and not 13. If you look at the roof lines (you can see it on google street view) you can see that number 13’s roof line does not match with the photo above, but 23 seems to do so. Also number 23 has steps and 13 doesn’t and Grace is stood on the steps.

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