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The Tavern & Stone Row Lingdale 1890s

The Tavern and Stone Row Lingdale 1890s

Locally known as the ”top house” the Lingdale Tavern today is a boarded building at the cross roads, nothing like the magnificent building in this Phoenix Series postcard from the 1890’s.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday and Jean Carass.

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  • Derick Pearson

    This photo was taken when John Snowden was the owner of the Tavern or Lingdale Hotel. John Snowdoan was an ancestor of Alison Small who built up the Lingdale Communigate website. The Tavern/Lingdale Hotel is still known by many of us oldies as Snowdon’s Corner, even after all those years. The car park at the back was known as “The Ball Alley”. NOTE on the left of the photo there are no houses on what is now Stanghow Road. This area was known earlier as Novia Scotia Plantation and it went right down the road to the mine site. Note also on the right halfway up there is a property after Davison Street. This is long gone and presently one of the Moody brothers has a Bungalow there. There used to be a little farm on this site. Dale Terrace also known as Stone Row is beyond that. On the left is the Congregational Chapel which is still there today. John Snowdon’s name is on the board above the door of the Hotel and the gas lamp close by all makes this a lovely scene. I have some lovely large mounted copies of this image.

    • mark bottomley

      My grandad Charles Bottomley, lived on Stone Row with his grandparent’s – Charles and Flora Bottomley – but was tragically killed in the mining explosion in 1953.

  • Ed Stolting

    Beautiful picture of Stanghow Road and the Lingdale Tavern! Glad to read that it was reopened a few months ago after having been boarded up all those years which was truly a very sad sight.
    My grandfather and grandmother lived int house on the corner of Davison Street and Stangow Road (no. 2). They were Charles and Winnifred Hogarth. Winny used to always visit what she called “chapel” every Sunday night.
    I used to visit them from Holland just about every year during the 1950’s!

    Thanks for posting this wonderful picture: it brings back many happy memories of Lingdale!

    Kind regards,

    Ed Stolting

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