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The outward appearance of these houses haven’t changed much over the years, we always new it as Second Foulsyke, but most now call it Far Foulsyke, but a rose by any other name.

A copy of a postcard from the Bruce series.

(photo courtesy of Mrs Pauline Ovington)

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  • David Green

    I was born at Far Foulsyke in 1952 and lived there until 1975 during which time a lot of changes took place to both Foulsykes and Arthur fields which I helped to demolish. Foulsyke means smelly bog of which there was plenty due to several springs in the fields which also supplied drinking water for the houses before they where connected to the mains.

  • Christine Davey

    My grandparents used to live in the last house on the right-hand side of this row of cottages from the mid thirties and when my grandfather died, my grandmother Annie Cook continued to live there until the mid sixties. I have many happy childhood memories visiting her with my mother, Ethel after school every Friday! It was a really tight community with Miller’s farm at the far end, and some very noisy guard geese, if memory serves me right!

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