The Men's Reading Room - Carlin How

A postcard view of the Wesleyan Preaching Room in Carlin How. From 1875 until 1912 Wesleyans in Carlin How worshipped at this Preaching Room; the forerunner to the present Methodist Church. It was known as the ‘Upper Room’, and was given by the late Mr. T. C. Hutchinson from the early days of Skinningrove Works. Derick Pearson tells us that the gentleman in front of the cart was Mr Scaife the coalman. Concerts were regularly held in the Preaching Room, ’Loftus Advertiser’ 8th March 1895 describes ”The Last of the Season” as a concert in aid of Choir funds under the direction of the ’capital and vigorous chairman’ Mr T. W. Wood (inventor of the eight-day alarm clock, innkeeper and Scoutmaster and Local Councillor).

Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection (and on a cd produced by Derick Pearson), additional information courtesy of ”Jean Wiggins – Around Loftus”.

2 comments to The Wesleyan Preaching Room – Carlin How

  • Rita Beckham

    I enjoyed the photo’s of Carlin How they brought back a lot of memories,we lived at 31 Lax Street, before it was knocked down to make way for the new road. We then moved to 10 Front Street when I was about 13, the person up the ladder in the photo of the square is where we lived, but not sure who it is. Our Dad was blacksmith at Skinningrove pit, & had a garth near the bottom of Pit Bank.

  • Derick Pearson

    This was was the Wesleyan Preaching room. Stated on the caption on the building front. The gent in front on the cart was Mr Scaife the coalman. The photo was taken from the Zion Chapel entrance on Pit (or later called) Verrill’s Bank.

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