Skinningrove and Eskdale Male Voice Choir

Skinningrove and Eskdale Male Voice Choir

A formal photograph of Mavis Hall and the choir with a collection of trophies, now known to include W.A. and E. Barker Cup; The Normanby Cup, The Bingant Cup (trophies from the Eskdale Tournament of Song) and The Dorman Stewart Rose Bowl from Middlesbrough Music Festival.

Back row: 1. Norman Row,  2. ??, 3. ??, 4. Paul Boocock, 5.Tony Mellor, 6. ??, 7. Ray Conn, 8. Charlie Rice.

Middle row: 1. Arthur Howard, 2. Frank Templeman, 3. Johnny (Pineapple) Smith, 4. John Stonehouse, 5.Maurice Grout, 6. ??, 7. Frank Bennison, 8. Lol Bonnard.

Front row: 1. ??, 2. ??, 3. ??, 4.Mavis Hal,l 5. ??, 6. George (Spuggy) Willis.

Who are the other members of the choir?

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks for names from Elizabeth Mellor, Eric, David Archer, Derick Pearson, Roger Barwick, Callie & Tom Webster, Colin Hart, Alan Pearson and Lynn Willis. Also Frank Templeman with details of the trophies.

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