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Loftus County Modern School – Mrs Norminton’s class – 1951

Loftus Senior School - Mrs Normington's class - 1951

Back row: Fred Ward, Brian Shaw, William Sunley, Ralph Breckon, Colin Riley, Michael Laverick, Tom Fletcher, Billy Day, Colin Wilson, Brian Hodgson, Keith Smith.
Middle row: June Cuthbert, Judy Dobson, Anne Verrill, Alice Partlett, Olwyn Bard, Norma Cockerill, Jean Pearson, Margaret Johnson, Jube Watson, Keith Whitlock.
Front row: Elizabeth Spearpoint, Cybil Temple, Kay Libby, Hilary Robinson, Mrs Norminton, Hazell Boddy, Ann Sawnby, Ann Robinson, Veronica Harrison.
Front (seated): Barry Breckon and Raymond Powell.
Image courtesy of Hazel Collinson and Iris Place.

Mr and Mrs Hyde

Mr and Mrs Hyde

A very cold snowy day in February 1956 when Eileen Money married Bill Hyde, also in the photo, Biddy Webster, best man, Betty Yeoman, brides cousin, Fred Robins, groomsman and Joan Money brides sister.

Image courtesy of Eileen Hyde

Miss She

Butlin’s at Filey in the 1970’s I think; did you go, do you remember all the competitions there used to be? The Miss She was a fiercely fought one and on the left of the photograph is Eileen Hyde; sadly coming second. I can describe her outfit because I crocheted it, dress coat and hat, peach was the main colour with stripes of white at regular intervals. I as very proud of making that outfit, sadly I no longer have it and it wouldn’t fit if I had.
Image courtesy of Eileen Hyde.