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Joe’s Wackers – 1955


Can anybody assist with identifying who or what “Joe’s Wackers 1955” were? Please let us know, it is an enigma which the Archive would love to resolve.
Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos and thanks to John Keelty for the update.

Demolition of Liverton Mine Chimney


We have another copy of the demolition of the chimney at Liverton Mine, which gives the date of the event as Tuesday 24th August 1926. But it is interesting to compare the quality of the two images; our original  ’Liverton Mine’ is of much poorer quality!
Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection.

Do You Remember Rosedale Chimney?

Do You Remember Rosedale Chimney?

Once a very familiar sight to all who traversed Blakey Ridge, whilst crossing the North York Moors, Bank Top chimney remained standing long after the Rosedale ironstone mines had closed, only being taken down in 1972. It was for many years a familiar landmark and indicator for the route of the Lyke Wake Walk.
Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.