St Leonard’s Choir

St Leonard's Choir

St Leonard’s Choir Loftus in the early 1950s. The size of the congregation some 60 years ago can be judged from the male choir and church officials.

Back row (left to right): Mr (Bidgey) Willis, Ernie Fellows, Alf Burnside, George Jackson (bro), Wilf Dobson, Fred Fowle, Tom Batchelor, Stan Pennock, Mr Johnson, Mr Vasey, Rev. G. Simpson, John Trevillion, Walter C. Jordan, Charles Trevillion (Organist), George Wisbey, (Lay Reader), Mr Alf Burnside, (sen), John Smith, Len Cummins, Eric Allinson, Les Benson, Mr Rogerson, Peter Johnson.

Front row(left to right): ??, John Dodd, ??, ??, Geoff Spearpoint, ??, Tony Hardy, Frank Chapman, J. Dobson, John Simpson, John Dadd, Peter Dobson, Michael Dadd, Syd Robson, Brian Richardson, John Tyreman.

Also believed to be on photograph are John Wright, ? Temple, Richard McClockley. Can you help with positive identification.

An  W. Eglon-Shaw Photograph by kind permission of Rev. Adam Gaunt M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s,  Loftus).

Am. Dram.?

Am. Dram.?

We know it is the Women’s Institute, is it amateur dramatics or maybe a fancy dress, we would love to know the occassion and who  you recognise on this picture?  Now do not be shy, it is too late now!

And for younger viewers, can you identify the wooden object the lady on the left is holding? Bob Doe wins the identification quiz telling us: ”My parents used to have something like this in the 1940s/50s.  I believe it was used for washing clothes in a wooden or metal tub.  The tub was called a poss tub and the wooden object was a posser.” Derick Pearson assists with: ”we had exactly the same type of object in the late 1940s and early 1950s, including the wooden beer barrel type tub with hoops on and later the galvanised ribbed metal one.”

Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute, many thanks to Bob for identifying the poss tub and posser; also Derick for the update.

Sale of Work or a Craft Evening?

Sale of Work or a Craft Evening?

Image courtesy of Ann Hamliton and Loftus Women’s Institute, the  lady in the centre I think is Mrs Simpson the Rector’s wife.  Can you name anyone else in the photo or maybe give us a date as when it was taken and was it a sale of the ladies work or maybe Mrs Simpson had been the judging the talent of the members.