Loftus Women’s Institute

Loftus Women's Institute Dining in 1948

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Loftus Women’s Institute in 1948. The splendid repast on the tables must have used up a months worth of coupons or a tribute to their ingenuity? Can anybody help us with names?

Image courtesy of Loftus Womens Institute and Ann Hamliton.

Mr and Mrs Tart’s Farewell Party

Mr and Mrs Tart's Farewell Party

Members of Loftus Youth Club gathered to say to Mr and Mrs Tart, dated 5th April 1950. They were emigrating to Tasmania and it is now known that the new leader was Mr Chris Harrison. We have no names as yet for those present, can you help?

Image courtesy of Mavis Stevenson

Loftus Youth Club Choir November 1949

Loftus Youth Club Choir November 1949

The choir of Loftus Youth Club are shown, but we have no details as to where, why and who was shown on this image can you help?

Image courtesy of Mavis Stevenson

Tron in Burma

"Tron" in Burma

After the Second World War, the breakup of the British Empire saw rival factions attempting to take over the former colonies. In Burma and more so in Malaya the Communists fought a long battle with British troops. George Ronald Bowers (”Tron”) was one of the National Servicemen to be involved in the conflict. This photograph could be related to” Trons” amateur boxing interest, he is to the right of the three englishmen on the back row. David Calvert tells us: ”My dad Bert Calvert was in the army with Tron.”

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers and thanks to David for that update.

Choir at the Rectory

Choir at the Rectory

The only name we have at present for this photograph is Rev Cumming (seated) in the middle of the front row. The photograph appears to have been taken at the ”Rectory”. (Now called Linden House), pre 1910. this Rectory was first occupied by Rev Hildyard, who was a nephew of Lord Nelson. Replacing an earlier single storied building, There Have Been two Subsequent Moves Since That Time.
A Take Four Ltd Photo 1A Cliff Crescent Loftus. used by kind permission of Rev. Adam Gaunt M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).

Reverend John Allen Davies M.A.

Reverend John Allen Davies M.A.

Rev John Allen Davies M.A. Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus. 1932-1950.

Photograph by kind permission of Rev Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector Of St Leonard’s Loftus).

St Leonard’s Choir 1932

St Leonard's Choir 1932

St Leonard’s Choir Loftus, 1932.

Back row (left to right): J. Appleby, Roy Dunn, D. Turnbull, H. Waite, L. Westthorpe, Shepherd, L. Cummins, J. Trevillion, J. Smith, J. Temple, W. Fowle, G. Gibson, P. Johnson, F. Fowle, C. Moss, D. Trattles, A. Pearson.
Middle row: R. Knight, R. Westthorpe, K. Westthorpe, C. Trevillion, E. Waite, J.A. Davies (Rector), Walter Jordan, F. Fowle, W. Willis.
Front row: G. Fowle, G. Lightfoot, J. Kirby, J. Fowle, A. Kirby, C.Tate, N.Nellist, P. Knight, D. Hawkins.

Photograph by Take Four Studio Ltd, 1A Cliff Crescent Loftus. Presented by G. Fowle; and used by kind permission of Rev. Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).

Reverend Charles Ramsden M.A.

Reverend Charles Ramsden M.A.

Rev Charles Ramsden M.A. Rector of St Leonard’s. 1910-1932. He was easily recognised during the summer, from wearing his ”Benjie” (Straw Hat). A Take Four Studio Photo Ltd 1A Cliff Crescent Loftus imag.,

Photograph by kind permission of Rev Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector St Leonard’s Loftus).

Outing to Hexham

Loftus Parish Church Choir and Sidesmans outing to Hexham, June 1951; and we wondered if they needed food coupons for their trip? Names so far; (gained from the original image, but not in order): D. Johnson, F. Fowle, H. (Harry) Waite, P. Johnson, N. Middleton, H. Brown, H. Pennock, R. Ripley, A Fox, L. Owen, T. Sivills, Rev. G. Simpson, P. Ripley, A. Pennock, F. S. Watson, S. J. Pennock, E. Ansell, W. Dobson, W. Woodall, G. Lindsley, A. (Alf) G. W. Burnside, A. Trembath, Walter C. Jordan, R. Elliot, R. Moss, J. Smith, A. Burnside, E. Allinson. Can anybody assist with placing those named or possible missing names?

Image by kind permission and courtesy of Reverend Adam Gaunt, M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).

Reverend Arthur Henry Cumming

Rev Arthur Henry Cumming

Reverend Arthur Henry Cumming Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus, 1887-1910. This portrait image is from a Take Four Studio Ltd , 1A Cliff Crescent, Loftus; presently displayed in St Leonard’s Church.

Used by kind permission of Rev Adam Gaunt,M.A. (Rector of St Leonard’s Loftus).