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Ryan’s Shop

Ryan's Shop

This double image is a postcard and reverse of Ryan’s shop once a feature of the Market Place, Loftus. Brought to the Archive by Robert Graham’s granddaughter, the card included details of Robert , but unfortunately no others are mentioned. Can you help?

Ryan’s shop situated in the Market Place, managed it is believed by Mr Robert Graham who features in the image. Robert Graham lived in ”Tin City” at Boulby and arranged a petition (Robert’s letter presented the petition to The Minister of Health (in London) to prevent the demolition of the village by Loftus Urban District Council in 1935. This image could well date from this time.

??, Robert Graham, ??, ??, ??, ??.

We have however only some names and would appreciate assistance in filling the names, as well as any further information.

Michael Andrew tells: ”My father Edwin Andrew told me that he worked in what he called Paddy Ryan’s as a boy. He was born in 1924, so it must have been around the late 30′s. Unfortunately he passed away almost two years ago, so I can’t obtain any more information.”

Image kindly supplied by the Graham family and many thanks to Michael for the update.

County Modern Football Team 1961

County Modern Football Team 1961

The football team pictured in 1961, and they were as Michael Bateman tells us: ’“Happy days” we were at that time the team to beat!’
Back row: George Goodchild, John Jackson, Edgar Noble, Colin Mead, Raymond Furness, Tony Dye, Mr Malcolm Gratton.

Front row: Barry Emmerson, Alan Pearson, David Bateman, Michael Bateman, Brian Tyreman, Richard Webster, Alan Lightburn.

Thanks to David Archer, Barry Emmerson (EMO), Tony Dye, Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) and Michael Bateman  for updates on names.

Image courtesy of Pat Beauchamp and many thanks to Alan Walker for the update on names.

Loftus Senior School Class 4s – 1951

Loftus Senior School Class 4s - 1951

Mr Lee with his class in 1951.

Back row: ??, John Bulmer, Colin Beedle, Malcom Beedle, George Dowson, ??.

Middle row: George Locker, Neil Pressick, Maurice Wright, Keith Barrett, Ken Taylor, Stan Main, ??.

Front row: ??, ??, Janet Vasey, ??, Mr Norman Lee (Teacher), ??, Shirley Pressick, Edith Stevenson, ??.

Thanks to Marjorie Magor for the update (she admits he was her favourite teacher) and to Janey King  for pointing out to us that the board bears the date 1951! We are often confused.

Thanks to Malcolm Beedle for extra names can anyone fill in the blanks? Also to Elizabeth Dowson for the update (any information regarding George Dowson can be directed to the Archive, which will see it is forwarded on).

Angel – Loftus

Angel - Loftus

Another picture of the Angel – obviously early 1900’s judging by the balcony on the front.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos.

Loftus Junior School – Fancy Dress

Obviously the pupils assembled in the yard for a parade or judging. Janet Thompson tells us it was about 1953 and she was 3rd from left dressed as a geisha girl.

Can anybody assist with names.
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) for the update.

Runswick Bay – Washing Beach

Runswick Bay - Washing Beach

An early post card view of Runswick Bay, before the roads were ”improved”? Note the line of washing, obviously having a good flap in the breeze. It would interfer with traffic today!
Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson.

Loftus County Modern – 1964

We knew it is 1964 but the rest was unknown, after asking for assistance we have a result!

Back row: Thomas Webster, Eric Boddy, Trevor Mead, Paul Simpson, Godfrey Evans, John Hicks, Trevor Milner?, Michael McMaster, Norman Myers, David Howes.

Middle row: Barbara Cornforth, Marilyn Cross, Barbara Wilkinson, Anne Lindsley, Peter Jackson, Colin Verril, Susan Lindsey, Kathleen, Wrigley, Barbara Yeoman, Carolyn Walker.

Front row: Margaret Harland, Marilynn Green, Annette Steyert, Linda Hudson, Linda Burrells, Mrs Troughton, Jean Hodge, Rosemary Whitely, Sandra Hill, Marilyn Fyler, Janet Webster.

Thanks to Kathleen Hicks, Barbara McBurney and Annette Steyert Daykin for all the names.

Image courtesy of Anne Burnett (Lindsley).