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High Side Looking East


This view of HIgh Side and the High Street, dates from after 1910, but is pre the war memorial which was erected in 1922. Note the horse-drawn transport ’cards’ left on the road, perhaps the roses did not need any more to ensure a good show? Norman Patton tells us: ”The Newton Memorial Chapel stands magnificent in the background.”
Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos and many thanks to Norman for that update.

St Hilda’s Place


The final house on St Hilda’s Place, which fronted the road which lead to the original Rectory for Loftus; believed to date from the mid 18th century. The track as shown in this image is now a ‘metalled’ road.
Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropuolos.

Mill Bank Under Snow

A wintery scene of Mill Bank, viewed probably from Mount Pleasant in Carlin How; as well as the fields of Kilton Mill, pre 1965. I know this as the former police houses were built on the field in front of the lone building which for many years was the JPG works site. It is now a chalet park.Image courtesy of Joan Jemson. 

Loftus Town Hall

A further postcard image of the Town Hall, a welcoming sight to all travellers through Loftus. The Town Hall was built by Lord Zetland in 1879, replacing on the same site the Parish Church School built by Zachary Moore (formerly Lord of the Manor before Lord Zetland) in 1746.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Loftus Co op Staff

Co-op male staff photographed in front of Trillo’s ice cream parlour; with ‘Lol’ Trillo in the doorway.
Back row: Ron Darby, Harry Waite (Manager),  Jack ? (storeman).
Front row: ? Smith, Harry Hall, John Conn.
Can we have assistance with names for the gentlemen and a possible date?

Church in the Trees

Church in the Trees

An unusual view of St Leonard’s church, this postcard image views the church through the trees. It gives a different perspective to the building.

St Leonard’s Church

St Leonard's Church

Another wonderful hand-tinted postcard view of the parish church for Loftus. Dating from about 1900 it is a wonderful view and well worth repeating on site.

Enjoying the Sunshine at Trillos

Loftus Co-op staff, pose outside Trillo’s ice cream shop. Back row: Ron Danby, Harry Waite (Manager), Jack ? (storeman).
Middle Row: ? Cummings, Joan Hall, ??, Jean Harrison.
Front row: ??, ? Smith (?), Harry Hall, John Conn.
Again we would welcome assistance with names, can you help?

An Old Postcard View of St Leonard’s

An Old Postcard View of St Leonard's

This Auty Series postcard dates from the early 1900s, in those days postcards being the primary means of communicating ensured a constant demand for images of people’s familiar home town views. This in the days before emails, texting or Twitter, how much quieter life must have been.

Loftus Methodist Chapels

Loftus Methodist Chapels

This postcard view of the two chapels that stood in Arlington Street. In their time two excellent buildings, now sadly the one remaining chapel is merely an empty building.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos.