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Miss Goldsborough And Staff

Miss Goldsborough And Staff

Standing: Miss Sibley, Miss J Norminton, Mrs Coser, Miss J Long.

Seated: Mrs Gladman, Miss Goldsbrough (Head), Mrs P Hitchen.

1961/2 was Miss Long’s first year in teaching and she was only at Harry Dack for that year, afterwards became a stalwart of Loftus Junior School. It was also the final year as Head for Miss Goldsbrough, retiring 31st July 1962.

Thanks to Alison Atkinson for the updated information.

Mrs Shail And Some Pupils – 1974?

Mrs Shail And Some Pupils - 1974?

A photo taken on the school field as we can see West Park Avenue and Harry Dack Infant School. Mrs Heseltine later remarried and became Mrs Shail. Some of the named pupils are:- Christopher Colbeck, Elliott Carr, Kerry Taylor, Julie Hadfield, Philip Sanderson, Paul Mann and Victoria Bell. This photgraph has provoked some queries. The girl in the orange t-shirt is identified as Karen Morrison (thanks for the information), she identifies Kerry Taylor (yellow and red dress, identified by Kerry Taylor) and Julie Hadfield (blonde haired girl, yellow t-shirt – identified by Barbara Hale). Michael Radford is now identified as the boy to Mrs Heseltine’s right. Thanks to Karen Addison (morrison) for that update.

Harry Dack Infant (Nursery) – 1987

Harry Dack Infant (Nursery) - 1987

Back Row: Richard Stockdale, ?? , ?? , ?? , Kieron Bint, Mark Wilson, Lisa Willis, Kim Amelia, Craig Morrison.

Front Row: ?? , ?? , ?? , Mark Stonehouse, Mark Beedle, Lee Kentfield, John Middlemass.

We believe the picnic (obviously being enjoyed by all) was held down near the dam (Loftus Mill), but date and reasons unknown. Can anybody help?

Harry Dack Infant School (1973/4/5)

Harry Dack Infant School (1973/4/5)

Another real query. We could identify the teacher as Mrs Wilson, but which class and whilst most of the class is now named, can anybody help?

Back Row: Amanda Partridge, Andrea Fenwick, Sharon Smith, Alison Smith, Katherine Hicks, Janr Orange, Sharon Pascoe, Sharon Oglesby, Cheryl Stevenson, Judith Powell, Sarah Jayne Cottle.

Third Row: Richard Leybourne , Kate Hutchinson, Mark Yeoman , Kirsten Hoyle, ??, Richard Kashel, Kaye Forrest , David Stephenson.

Second Row: Steven Hill, Andrew Bacon, Steven Gill, Wayne Smith, Gary Adamson, Malcolm Dickinson , Elaine Lightfoot, Malcolm Garbutt, Susan Todd, Alison Dohring.

Front Row: Gary Wassell, Martin Preswick , Glen Urban, Stuart Urban, Robert Urban, Richard Jefferson.

Thanks to Pauline Magor and Kate Hutchinson for assistance with names.

Harry Dack Infant School (Class 4 – 1992)

Harry Dack Infant School (Class 4 - 1992)

Back Row: Nathan Ramsay, Kelly Britton, Christopher Williams, Amy Cox, Glen Morrison, Victoria Scarth, Mark Noble.

Third Row: Andrew Sawdon, ??, Liam Dolan, ??, John McGrath, Nicola Hodgson, David Nixon, Mrs Christine Shaw.

Second Row: Kelly Taylor, Paul Gell, Kimberley Sanderson, Lee Easton, Lynsey Appleton, Steven Phillips, Adele Lyon.

Front Row: Emma Whitney, Claire Gladders, Emma Davies, Sarah Patton, Joanne ? , Holly Kentfield.

Any help with the missing names would be appreciated.

Harry Dack Infant School (Class 8 1989)

Harry Dack Infant School (Class 8 1989)

Back Row: Kimberly Imelia, Gary Welford, Anna Jane Dunston, Darren Matthews, Amie Wells, Phillip Williams, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Mrs Beedle.

Third Row: Mark Stonehouse, Stuart Rouse, Rachel Robinson, Gareth Raspison, Lisa Marsay, Daniel Thorpe, Stuart Taylor.

Second Row: Christine Barnes, Richard Stockdale, Katie Andre, Jesse Jacklin, Sharon Cuthbert, Steven Todd, Laura Byrski, Lee Kentfield, Vicky Nixon.

Front Row: Craig Morrison, Jamie Patton, David Himsworth.

Missing from the photograph session were Hannah Greco and Rebecca Lightfoot.

Miss Hogg and Staff, Loftus Infants 1983

Miss Hogg and Staff, Loftus Infants 1983

The Headmistress has changed again and Miss Hogg now takes centre with Mrs Beedle, Mrs Hoggart and Mrs Hitchen on her right. Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Burnside and Mrs Byrne to her left.

Standing Mrs Jemson, Velma Brown, Karen Thompson, Mrs Marsay, ??, Mrs Botterill, Julie Burrows.
Please help fill in the missing names.
Thank you Marion Burnside for help with the names.

Staff in the hall -1984

Staff in the hall -1984

Fifteen ladies now make up the staff of the Harry Dack Infant School standing at the back L to R:

??, ??, Karen Thompson, Velma Brown, Mrs Botterill, ??, Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Marsay.
On the chairs L to R:
Mrs Jemson, Mrs Beedle, Mrs Hitchen, Miss Hogg, Mrs Hoggart, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Byrne.
Once again the brain has let me down can you help fill in the gaps?

14 Lady Staff at the Infant School Loftus – 1982

14 Lady Staff at the Infant School Loftus - 1982

Mrs Frost is still at the head and there have been some new faces added to the staff.

Standing L toR: Mrs Jemson, Mrs Botterill, Sheila Fawcett, Karen Thompson, Mrs Fenby, Mrs Beedle, Mrs Armstrong.
Seated: Mrs J Yeoman, Mrs Hitchen, Mrs Lindsey, Mrs Frost, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Harris.

A New Headmistress – 1980

A New Headmistress - 1980

Miss Jordan has now left and Mrs Frost seated in the middle has taken her place to the left of Mrs Frost are, Mrs Hitchen, Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Byrne and to her right Mrs Lindsey, Mrs Beedle, Mrs Jemson.

Standing Sheila Fawcett , ??, Mrs Burnside, Mrs Harris, Mrs Botterill, Mrs J. Yeoman, Mrs R. Yeoman.

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