Loftus Sword Dancers (1970)

Taken by Caters Photographic of Birmingham, Loftus Sword Dancers at Birmingham TV Studios in 1970. They are: musicians: John Waite, Maurice Brignall. Old woman: Stephen Galilee. Sword Dancers: Keith Galilee, Harry Cuthbert, Sid Robson, Colin Galilee, John Hill, Eric Lancaster.
In the suit – Malcom Gratton (leader).
Image courtesy of John Hill.

Loftus Sword Dancers, Llangollen

An unknown date; but believed to be about 1984/1985 and they took a Gold too! Posing proudly with their trophy:
Back row: Sid Robson, Colin Galilee, John Waite (musician), David Gratton (old woman).

Front row: Colin Locker, John Hill, Colin Chisholm, Kevin Hullah.

Image courtesy of John Hill.

Arthur Marshall (1951)

A classic view taken by the Arlington Studio of William E. Grier in Loftus; a striking profile pose of Arthur Marshall, musician with The Loftus Sword Dancers, taken either during a practice or at a performance at the School. A request from John Grier Thompson: “I am Bill Grier’s grandson – my mother was a photographer in the Arlington Studio too. Are there any more photographs by my Granddad, or any paperwork with his studio logo on it?”

Image courtesy of John Hill, thanks to John Grier Thompson for the update and can anybody assist?

Loftus Sword Dancers – In the Beginning (1951)

How it all started! At the back: Mr. H Norminton and Mr. W Heseltine. At the front: Arthur Marshall (musician), Ronnie Knight, Ken Johnson, Harry Joplin, John Hill, Hilton George, Eric Tyreman.

Image courtesy of John Hill (photograph originally copyright Northern Echo).