Loftus Sword Dancers In Dijon

Loftus Sword Dancers In Dijon

1961 and the sword dancers are pictured here with the Manley Morris dancers outside the Pailis des Exposition.

(photo courtesy of John Hill)

Parading To Church

Parading To Church

Here we are again in Dijon parading to church the names of some of those there are:- Maurice Wright, John Hill, Jimmy Fishlock, Eric Lancaster, Derick Cuthbert, Harry Cuthbert, Brian Snowdon, William Morrish and Arty Marshall.
( photo courtesy of John Hill)

Darlington Station 1959

Darlington Station 1959

Six years later and another Loftus Sword Dance Team are on their way to London. This team includes Sydney Robson, Michael Pearson, Derick Cuthbert, Eric Lancaster, Donald Burdon, Eric Tyreman, Brian Snowdon, John Hill and Peter Dobson. Accompanying them are Mr Norminton and Mr Marshall. The team has changed since 1953 only Eric Tyreman remaining.

(photo courtesy of John Hill)

Loftus Sword Dancers

This is a good print of the Loftus Sword Dancers.  I’ve no idea of the date or the group members, or even where they were performing – any ideas would be welcome. Unfortunately the group disbanded quite a while ago. We are told by Ron Gittins that this could possibly be Darlington.

Back Row: Harry Cuthbert, John Hill , Brian Snowdon , William Morrish, Arthur Marshall. Front Row: Derek Cuthbert , ?? , Ron Gittins, Jim Fishlock.

Thanks to Eric Cowe, Eric Johnson, Ron Gittins (via Jean Gittins) and David Snowdon help with missing names.

Different Dancers

Not the usual sword dancers; this photograph was taken at East Loftus and the boys dancing are:-

Michael Cornforth, Thomas Cummings, Terry Grey, Terry Blades, Laurence Bibby and Barry Matson, with Dennis Morrison playing the mouth organ. I don’t know what the occasion was, do you?

Image courtesy of Laurence Bibby.

Brotton Sword Dancers

These are the Brotton Sword Dancers; the Archive hopes someone will be able to name them?  We’ve lightened the image to try and show the ”uniform” better and particularly love the double watch chain of the squeeze-box player!

Back row (L to R): ??, George William Riddiough, ??, ??.

Front row (L to R): ??, ??, ??.

Image and name courtesy of Julie Riddiough.

Loftus Sword Dancers – 1985

Taken at Chester on Rogation Sunday in 1985, Loftus Sword Dancers pose in the sunshine. The team at that time were:
Back row: Kevin Hullah, John Waite (musician), Chris Watts, Colin Galilee, John Hill, Les Greening.
Front row: Harry Cuthbert, David Gratton (old woman), Colin Chisholm.

Image courtesy of John Hill.

John Hill – Loftus Sword Dancer

Taken from a beautiful presentation photograph triptych of 1984, this shows the donor of this collection of images; John Hill.

Image courtesy of John Hill.

Loftus Sword Dancers (1984)

The centre image from the triptych, this shows the team line-up as at the 4th April 1984.
Back row: Kevin Hullah, Sid Robson, John Hill, K M Gratton, Harry Cuthbert, Colin Locker.
Front row: Colin Chisholm, Colin Galilee, Les Greening.
Sadly missing on this occasion is John Waite, the musician.
Image courtesy of John Hill.

Loftus Sword Dancers – Cover Page

A brief potted history of the revival and present ( as of 1984) line-up of the Loftus Sword Dance Team.
It’s a real pity that this sort of culture has been allowed to die again – as the Americans would say ”It’s a National Treasure”.
Image courtesy of John Hill.