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Todd Point

Todd Point

The view from Todd Point signal box at Warrenby Redcar.
(thanks go to Eric Johnson for the loan of the photo)

Winter At Crag Hall

Winter At Crag Hall

I thought because of today’s weather conditions this photo was quite apt.
(photo courtesy of Eric Johnson)

Mr Edward Morgan

This gentleman Mr Edward “Ted” Morgan pictured inside Todd Point railway signal box is the source of many of the photographs on this site.

Image courtesy Ted Morgan, via Eric Johnson.

Signal Box

Peter Miller sitting in front of the Crag Hall signal box.

Image courtesy of Ted Morgan, via Eric Johnson.

Kilton Viaduct

I had to look hard at this image (taken from a hand tinted postcard) as I thought it had been reversed I don’t remember a footpath at that side of the beck only Glover’s path on the left hand side. But I have been assured that there was a path on that side and of course you can see Liverton Mine in the background, telling it hasn’t been reversed.
Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

Saltburn Station

Yes I know this isn’t an old photograph, but it will be one day and you must admit it is beautiful and shows how the station has changed over the years. The floral display probably in support of Britain in Bloom, Saltburn having been a medal winner for several years.

Image courtesy of Ray Brown.

Class 101 DMU Saltburn (early 1980s)

This, I think, is when the Zetland Hotel was still a hotel and the lovely Victorian façade of the station, including the canopy was intact. Before expediency destroyed the excursion platform with its beautiful Victorian cupolas and when the station building was still a station building instead of a shopping arcade.

Image courtesy of Russ Pigott.

Saltburn Station

Looking towards the east at Saltburn Station, originally it was believed that the photograph dated from 1960; however Russ Pigott advised us: ”This picture is later than 1960 I would say about 1971-1973 The track into the trainshed was closed in 1970 and the sleepers are still present. Also the poster has a mark 2 Inter-City coach on it which were not introduced until 1966.” It was a lovely station as most of them were, what a pity such a lot of them were demolished.

Image courtesy of several sources and thanks to Russ Pigott for the update.

Zetland 1958

Yes another photograph of Saltburn station; this time looking towards the Zetland Hotel where the trains could pull right into the hotel. This was the ‘private entrance’ to the Hotel, originally personal guests of the Pease family and later celebrities could enter the hotel without being seen by the public.

Skinningrove Railway Station Staff

Believed to be the staff of Skinningrove Railway Station c. 1915 and from a postcard possibly produced by Thomas Richelieu. The assembled staff definitely includes Hannah Laverick (second from right), however all the other staff are as yet unidentified. The Archive is conducting researches, but can anybody assist?

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.